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omniORB_2.8 bugs and patches

61 Bug with derived NamingContext in init file
60 Bug with multi-level inheritance
59 Bug with recursive sequence of objref
58 (Un)Marshalling of multi-dimensional arrays of simple types is broken
All bugs reported below except (51) have been fixed in omniORB_2.8

omniORB_2.7.1 bugs and patches

57 CORBA::Any::replace() is broken
56 Sequence of string and object reference have wrong constructor
55 Object::get_interface() does not work
54 IDL consts not handled properly for MSVC 6.0
53 Problem marshalling Any's containing certain types of sequence or array
52 TIE implementation stubs are incorrect when using diamond multiple inheritance
51 #pragma prefix propagates outside of an included IDL file
50 omni_condition::timedwait() can wait too long on NT
All bugs reported below have been fixed in omniORB_2.7.1

omniORB_2.7.0 bugs and patches

49 omniidl2 generates incorrect code for nested array types
48 Marshalling of array TypeCodes is non-standard
47 Problems inserting object references into Anys
46 Forward declared interfaces which are not defined generate incorrect code
45 Exception when marshalling values of type Any
44 Defining constructed types in exceptions causes omniidl2 to fail
43 Typedefs of CORBA::Object produce incorrect code for insertion into an Any
42 Marshalling of sequence TypeCodes is non-standard
41 omniidl2 generates wrong code for unions declared in an interfaces
40 Rare race condition in Scavenger code
39 Copy-initialisation of String_var can lead to uninitialised memory read
All bugs reported below have been fixed in omniORB_2.7.0

omniORB_2.6.1 bugs and patches

38 Cannot use multi-threaded capable gdb to debug omniORB2 programs
37 omniidl2 generates wrong output with IDL pragma: #pragma version

omniORB_2.6.0 bugs and patches

36 The signature of the insertion operator for an unbounded string into an Any is wrong
35 omniidl2 on HPUX and AIX has problem coping with preprocessor output under certain conditions
34 omniidl2 generates wrong stub for union types under a special condition
All bugs reported below have been fixed in omniORB_2.6.0

omniORB_2.5.0 bugs and patches

33 omniORB2 sends invalid GIOP CloseConnection Message
32 omniidl2 rejects valid IDL
31 Stub generated for certain multiple inheritance interfaces does not workaround a known MSVC++ bug
30 bug in LifeCycle support
29 omniidl2 core dump with invalid IDL: sequence of exception
28 omniidl2 core dump with certain invalid IDLs
27 Solaris 2.6 clients with snapshot_980410 got unexpected COMM_FAILURE intermittently
26 Stub generated for interfaces with multilevel inheritance does not compile when lifecycle support is enabled
25 Cannot insert into an Any the value of a union that contains an implicit default
24 The value of an Any that contains just a basic data type other than string, any, objref and typecode got marshalled incorrectly on the wire
23 The Any ctor and Any::replace() for untyped values does not accept a null parameter for all typecode types
22 Unexpected exception when there are more that 5 simultaneous calls to the same remote address space
21 3 omniidl2 bugs
20 Cannot link the static version of the runtime libraries on Windows NT/95
19 AIX build error
18 Updated omnithread library
17 Work-around stub code for compiler bug in egcs snapshots
16 omniidl2 incorrectly rejects 0xffffffff as an unsigned long constant
15 Memory leak in omni_thread::join() on HPUX & DU 3.2
14 Incorrectly rejects IORs with zero length object key
13 Memory leak in omniNames
12 Fix for problems inserting sequences containing sequences or aliases into Anys
11 Patch for NextStep 3.3
10 Patch for HPUX 10.20 / aC++

omniORB_2.4.0 bugs and patches

9 Patches to build omniORB 2.4.0 on HP 10.20 with HP aC++ B3910B A.01.06
8 Patches for AIX 4.2
7 An updated README for omniORB2 on OpenVMS platforms
6 A list of some of the bugs in omniORB_2.2.0 fixed in release omniORB_2.4.0

omniORB_2.2.0 bugs and patches

5 Patches to compile omniORB 2.2.0 on AIX 4.2
4 Linking errors on Win32
3 Problem compiling thread package for Linux
2 Problem with typedef declaration in IDL
1 Server exits when number of filedescriptors exceeded (too many clients)

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