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The VNC mailing lists

If you don't know what a mailing list is or how it works, have a look at this introduction.

Please, before sending any questions to the mailing list, make sure you've read the FAQ  ! And the documentation for the software you're using.  And read them again. And checked the contribs page and searched the mailing list archives.  There are hundreds of helpful and friendly people on the mailing list, but they're more likely to remain helpful and friendly if you don't expect them to do your work for you!
There are 3 different mailing lists - you can choose the one(s) most appropriate for your level of interest!
vnc-list Main list for questions, suggestions, bug reports etc
vnc-list-digest This carries the same messages, but will just send you one message a day containing all of the last day's messages.  You may prefer this to the standard list, particularly if your mail reader won't filter the traffic into a separate folder for you.
This is for announcements of new versions of VNC, successful ports to other platforms, availability of related software. This list is 'moderated', which means that messages sent here will only appear if we approve them, which we will do provided they are appropriate for the list.


Subscribing & unsubscribing

You can add yourself to or remove yourself from the mailing lists by sending commands in the body of an email to [email protected] For example: 

subscribe vnc-list

This asks for your name to be added to the list. Replace 'vnc-list' with the list of your choice.  More details will then be sent to you by email. 
You can remove yourself from the list in the same way, by using 'unsubscribe' instead of 'subscribe'.  You can also just send the command 'help', to get more detailed instructions. Note that these should be sent to 'majordomo' and not to the list itself!  If your mailer modifies your email address on the way out, you will be subscribed under this modified name, which can make unsubscribing difficult, particularly if the mailer changes it to something different at a later time, so if you like you can specify the email address to be used:

subscribe vnc-list [email protected]

and the same applies to unsubscribing.


The archives of the mailing lists are available here, and you can search them here
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For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keeping in touch' page.
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