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Note: A detailed paper about VNC can be found as: 
Tristan Richardson, Quentin Stafford-Fraser, Kenneth R. Wood & Andy Hopper, "Virtual Network Computing", IEEE Internet Computing, Vol.2 No.1, Jan/Feb 1998 pp33-38. 
You can download it in Acrobat format here (760k).

The following documentation assumes a basic familiarity with the terms and components used in VNC.  See 'What is VNC?' and 'Getting Started' for introductory information, and the Frequently Asked Questions for common queries. 

For a quick overview, you can download versions of the VNC Video.

See also 'What's new in the VNC packages?'.

Technical documentation - Table of Contents
How VNC works
VNC servers
VNC viewers
The VNC protocol
Making VNC more secure with SSH
Internal AT&T extensions

Note: This complete VNC documentation is available as a downloadable package.



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