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Downloading VNC

The VNC system is available for general use under the conditions of the GNU General Public Licence. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of this licence, which is also contained in the distribution itself.

Please fill in the form below to download VNC. It's not required, but we'd be grateful if you filled it in. We're just curious about who's using it and what they're using it for. This information is purely for our own VNC-related use and will not be disclosed to any other party. Neither will we, in general, send any mail to any address given here. If you want to keep in touch with VNC developments after downloading, please join the mailing list

This page is part of the downloadable documentation; if you are looking at a local copy, please check the latest online version - things may have changed! 

There is some other great free software which is downloadable from our site. 

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We would be interested to hear any comments about your interest in VNC, your expected use, how you heard about it, etc.


Binary packages:
These include the server and viewer for a particular platform.  They all include the Java viewer. Each binary package is (very approximately) 1Mbyte in size, and the tgz version is usually the smallest.  See the  release history page for details of recent changes.
If your platform isn't listed here, somebody else may have ported VNC to it. Have a look at the contribs page.
Please choose the package(s) of interest. You can always come back for more later!
  Linux 2.x for x86
(3.3.3 is glibc only)
  Solaris 2.5 (SPARC)  
  Windows 9x/2000/NT (Intel Win32)  
  - 68K processor
(Beta viewer)
NB: Stuffit 5.5 needed to unpack!
  - PPC processor
NB: Stuffit 5.5 needed to unpack!
  DEC Alpha OSF1 3.2  
  Windows CE 2.x
Beta viewer (50K)
  - SH3 processor  
  - MIPS processor  
Other packages:
All sizes given are very approximate and meant as a guide only.
  Copy of the online documentation (500K)  
  Unix sources (2.5M)
see also contribs
  Windows sources (250K).   
  Macintosh sources (800K).   
  Java sources (30K)  
  Windows CE sources (100K)  

The source code of a really simple VNC server is also available from the rfbcounter page.


For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keeping in touch' page.
Copyright 1999 - AT&T Laboratories Cambridge