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How to keep in touch with VNC developments

The main ways

Just follow these links:
Join a VNC mailing list
Read the mailing list archives
Search the mailing list archives
Read the FAQ

Some other ways

Check these web pages regularly. If you're looking at a mirror or a downloaded copy of the main VNC site, click here for the master version.
There's a VNC channel in IRC.   For information on how to join it, see this web page.
If you really need to contact the developers directly, send email to [email protected]
NOTE: Because of the level of interest in VNC we cannot, in general, reply to messages, though we do promise to read them all! So if you send a message to this address, don't necessarily expect anything back. The mailing list is a much better method of contact; others may have solved your problem before, and may be able to help if we're not available.

For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keeping in touch' page.
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