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Mobile Multimedia Streams project


We believe that there will be a rapidly increasing interest in networked multimedia applications involving personal mobility. It is likely that future working and home-based environments will involve a de-personalisation of hardware and a personalisation of software. Increasingly rooms, desks, workstations and portable computing equipment will be seen as ``public'' property in workplaces and homes. The only ``private'' property will reside in persistent software objects associated with particular people. We will expect all computer interactions, including ones involving multimedia, to persist and follow us in our work and leisure.

It is the goal of this group to integrate continuous media, such as audio and video, into a mobile, adaptive, distributed computing environment. The major sense of ``mobile'' for this project relates to the mobility of the user. By ``adaptive'' we mean that the transport parameters of multimedia streams can be modified to take into account the processing, display or capture capabilities of the source, sink and intermediate objects in the data pipeline. Transport parameters will also reflect the end to end quality of service (QoS) requested in situations which can include transport of data across several network types.

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To find out more about this project, have a look at the architecture overview or have a look at our last published paper.

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