omniORB3 on OpenVMS platforms

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omniORB on OpenVMS 6.x platforms

omniORB version 3.0 has not been tested for any version of OpenVMS prior to version 7.1. While some effort has been made to eliminate "gratuitous" incompatabilities with older versions of VMS, some incompatibilities remain.

As of this writing, Python for OpenVMS does not support the "popen" unless the platform is 7.x. This is because the DEC C RTL does not support it. This call is used in some places. Therefore, it will be necessary to either implement the popen call in python or the python code will need to be modified to work around this deficiency (search [src...]*.py popen).

The current mechanism for building shareable images requires VMS version 7.x. If you require shareable images, you will need to make changes in this area.

Using on OpenVMS 6.x

This requires the use of the DEC CRTL backport library (see sys$library:decc$crtl.readme) for OpenVMS versions older than 7.1. The backport library is incompatible with the DEC C++ class library and with VAXCRTL so this is going to be painful. Numerous multiply defined external references will occur at link time. In addition, if you need to link against code compiled under the VAX C compiler you will need to add statements like:
to a linker options file in order to create an executable. It should be safe to ignore the multiply defined symbols that conflict with DECC$CRTL.OLB, but any other errors or warnings should be heeded.

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