omniORB 3 for SGI

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omniORB 3 should run on IRIX 6.4 and 6.5 with the latest MIPSpro 7.2.1 compiler. It is recommended that you also apply the latest patches to the compiler - see for more details on patches.

According to the information provided by Geert Albert Smant, and James Riden , the SGI linker has some peculiar requirements on the order in which share libraries are specified on the command line:

  1. Two libraries cross reference each other, as it is the case with -lomniORB2 and -ltcpwrapGK means that -lomniORB2 has to be repeated after -ltcpwrapGK
  2. Multi-threaded programs must have -lpthread as the last option on the command line.

To satisify #2, we arrange in OMNIORB2_LIB that -lpthread is the last option. So as long as in a, the $(CORBA_LIB) is the last one in the assignment to libs, this condition is satisfied.


      $(eg1): eg1.o $(CORBA_STUB_OBJS) $(CORBA_LIB_DEPEND)
        @(libs="$(CORBA_LIB)"; $(CXXExecutable))
There are also some caveats on building and running 64-bit binaries. See for more details.

For Irix 6.2 and 6.3, the can be used.


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