Why omniORB3 is free?

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For many years, we have been advocates of good distributed systems practices, and we wholeheartedly endorse the efforts of the OMG in developing open standards for object oriented systems. The OMG vision of a common architectural framework enabling a world of connected objects is something we actively share. Standards which endure are always pragmatic, and the membership and composition of the OMG ensures that specifications are always practical, respond to genuine domains of interest and most importantly provide real solutions.

Our particular interest in CORBA derives from our pioneering work in mobile and personalised computer and communications systems, such as the Active Badge system and Teleporting. An architecture such as CORBA plays an essential role in the control and coordination of heterogeneous environments spanning a wide variety of operating system and hardware platforms. In this laboratory, the inclusion of our own in-house platforms was one of the motivating factors in creating from scratch a CORBA 2 compliant ORB which we call omniORB.

We are extremely keen to promote the spread and use of CORBA. To this end, we have made omniORB3 freely available in source form and have so contributed a significant component of software engineering technology to the community. We believe the simplicity and efficiency of our implementation is complementary to commercial offerings, and that it will appeal particularly to the research and academic communities. We encourage you to use it, port it, fix bugs in it, extend and generally improve it. We simply require that this is done under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License and GNU Library General Public License.


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