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omniORB is available for general use under the conditions of the GNU General Public Licence and GNU Library General Public Licence. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of these licences, which are also contained in the distribution itself. You can retrieve a copy of the source code of omniORB by filling in this form. For convenience, we have pre-built omniORB on a number of common platforms, and you can also retrieve a copy of these binaries. Note that all distributions contain the source code. Please select the platform and compression you require, and fill in the form.

There is some other great free software which is downloadable from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.

See below for details of other platforms.

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Ports to the following platforms are also available. These ports are done by external contributors and have been integrated into the source tree. For these platforms, no pre-compiled binary is available. Instead, download the "Source code only" distribution, and build it.

  • Digital Unix 4.0D/ DEC C++ compiler version 6.0
  • IBM AIX 4.2/ IBM C Set++ 3.1.4
  • IBM AIX 4.3/ IBM C Set++ 3.6.6
  • HPUX 10.20/ aC++ (B3910 A.01.04)
  • OpenVMS Alpha 6.2/ DEC C++ compiler 6.2/5.5 (UCX 4.1 ECO 8)
  • OpenVMS Vax 6.1/ DEC C++ compiler 5.5 (UCX 4.0 ECO 1)
  • NextStep 3.3/ gcc-2.7.2
  • Reliant Unix 5.43/CDS++
  • Phar Lap's Real Time ETS Kernel
  • SCO Unixware 7
  • Linux 2.x powerpc/Debian
  • An earlier port to MacOS exists but has not been fully integrated into the source tree. An adaption kit is available here.
  • An earlier port to the embedded OS RTEMS exists. More information is available here.
  • Linux 2.0 (x86)/ GNU C++ compiler version 2.7.2 /libc-5/ Linuxthreads 0.5
  • SCO OpenServer 5/g++ (May need some changes in the source to work around compiler bugs. The compiler can compile omniORB 2.7.1 unchanged.)
  • Digital Unix 3.2/ DEC C++ compiler version 5.5 (Need to apply the patch in patches/dec_CXX_5.6.patch to work around compiler bugs.)

For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keeping in touch' page.
Copyright 2001 - AT&T Laboratories Cambridge