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Multiworks - Multimedia Integrated Workstations

Objectives and approach

It is well recognised that the workstation of the 1990's will be characterised by its ability to process multimedia information. This will provide support for the development of new applications that take advantage of the added value provided by combining traditional computer media and information systems with digital video and audio technology.

The goal of MULTIWORKS is to develop an office workstation that manipulates video, graphics, text, voice and sound with facilities comparable to those available today for traditional text and graphics media. This multimedia technology is just emerging in some specialsed products. It is foreseen that a high volume market will develop by 1994. Since the results of MULTIWORKS will be available in 1992, there will be enough time for the industrial partners to evaluate them and incorporate some of the MULTIWORKS components in their multimedia products.

MULTIWORKS will be based on European technology and comply with international standards. Full use will be made of high-performance European hardware and design-on-silicon techniques. MULTIWORKS also uses European technology for its operating system, AI environment and applications. The project has a good mix of large and small companies. It is planned to last 4 years with significant results becoming available as spin-offs to the companies involved throughout the duration of the project, rather than just at its end.


ING. C. Olivetti & C. SPA       Italy           Coordinator
AEG Olympia AG                  Germany         Partner
Bull SA                         France          Partner
STC PLC                         UK              Partner
Acorn Computers LTD             UK              Associate contractor
Triumph Adler AG                Germany         Associate contractor
Harlequin LTD                   UK              Associate contractor
SGS-Thomson SRL                 Italy           Associate contractor
Philips consumer electronics    Netherlands     Associate contractor
Chorus systemes                 France          Associate contractor

Start Date

January 9th, 1989


36 months

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