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Group Members

AT&T Staff:

Paul Webster

Paul Webster studied at the University of Manchester in the Department of Computer Science. After completing his undergraduate degree, he stayed on to study an MSc. and PhD. in the University's CAD group.

He has been at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge since 1996. During this time he has worked on various projects, including VNC and SPIRIT.

He started the Low Power group in late 1999. In addition to the JCN processor, the group has also designed a 200kb/s low power radio module (<33mA) operating in the 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (US) ISM bands.

Paul's main responsibility has been the tool support for JCN. He has also contributed towards some of the peripherals.

Phil Endecott

Phil Endecott has been at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge since late 1999 and has worked on the JCN processor design for most of that time.

He has a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester where he also did postdoctoral work with the Amulet group. His research interests include low-power system design, asynchronous logic, and the implementation of design tools for these systems.

Phil has been responsible for JCN's micro-architecture design, its VHDL implementation, and coded most of the instruction set simulator.

On Sabbatical:

Alan Mycroft (1999-...)

Alan Mycroft (PhD Edinburgh, ScD Cambridge) has been a lecturer at the Computer Laboratory in the University of Cambridge since 1984. He became one of the founder members of the JCN project during his sabbatical leave at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge (1999-2000), and has since continued to work on the project part-time.

His research interests have spanned a range including compilation for various languages and target architectures, and static program analysis.

Summer Interns:

Will Lovett (2001)

Will grew up in Preston, Lancashire and studied Computer Science as an undergraduate at the University of Manchester (1998 - 2001). For the summer of 2000, he worked as an intern at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge with the CLAN group.

He returned for a second internship during the summer of 2001, working with the VLSI group on the JCN project. He was involved with some of the automatic configuration using XML, but spent the majority of the summer implementing the in-circuit debug functionality.

After completing this second internship, he returned to Manchester to study for an MSc. in Advanced Computer Science, working in conjunction with the CLAN group for his Masters project.

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